The global challenges

The global challenges we face, led by the climate change are more real than ever. Every year natural disasters kill around 90,000 people and affect close to 160 million people worldwide. The extent to which such events have a fortunate outcome or destroy people’s livelihoods is by no means a matter of chance. Warning systems, safe buildings and well-coordinated aid and relief services can help ensure as many people as possible come through a loss event unscathed and recover quickly from its consequences. Yet, building resilience does not understand only emergency response systems, but rather capacities of the community to restore its normality as quickly as possible by developing tools to prepare, response, recover and mitigate crises. Youth PURPOSE puts young citizens in the focus by strengthening their resilience by educating them on disaster management, empowering them on active citizenship and volunteering in times of crisis, as well as building a culture of solidarity.

From vulnerable groups to agents of change: Although major events affect whole society, their impact on vulnerable groups is more evident. Children and youth belong to this category and need to be considered for special planning and education. We want to build capacities of CSOs to transform youth from a risk group in disaster to an important resource for the future emergency preparedness and recovery.

New tools to inspire education on disaster management and volunteering in times of crisis: Youth workers are in constant need to develop new approaches and to inspire youth on active citizenship and engagement. Thus, Youth PURPOSE inspires knowledge exchange by getting first-hand experience through study visits in affected areas, but also relevant trainings and know-how how to better cope with hazards, supports sustainable and effective volunteering by recognizing the particularities of volunteering in times of crisis, as well as builds the capacities of youth workers and CSOs to use digital tools and methods to educate youth on disaster management and to empower them on volunteering.

Multifaceted collaboration and know-how exchange: Youth PURPOSE, on one side, will provide an opportunity for the European organizations to familiarize with the community challenges in Asia and Africa, as well as to exchange know-how on all stages of disaster management. Understanding the local realities, the trainings on Digital Tools and New Technologies for Youth Participation in prevention, response and recovery and on Effective Mitigation: Volunteer Management in Times of Disaster will be tailor-made towards the needs of youth workers for strengthening community resilience. They will also provide a platform to introduce the organizations from Asia and Africa to the European practices of disaster management, resulting with a joint curriculum developed to train and educate young people to act in times of natural disaster/crises.


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