The Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation – Foundation Ana & Vlade Divac

The Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation was established in 2007 and so far has raised over 25 million EUR for disaster management, emergency relief and educational and employment programs. Our mission is to secure quality life to vulnerable groups and their integration into a local and wider community by strengthening equality, solidarity, and tolerance in society.

Disaster management and promoting and supporting youth volunteerism/solidarity is the core program and expertise of the Foundation. Since the establishment, the Foundation has continued to assist refugees and internally displaced persons from the former Yugoslavia as well as socially vulnerable families. As a part of this mission, it has helped more than 600,000 people, taken care of more than 700 families and supported 829 small family businesses and agricultural farms. In addition, it helped the renovation and equipping more than 90 public buildings: kindergartens, schools, sports facilities, hospitals, reception, and asylum centers and, supported 450 youth initiatives in Serbia.

Youth Alliance Krusevo

Youth Alliance-Krusevo (YAK) is an independent, non-governmental and non-profitable organization established in Krusevo (1999) with the vision for supporting, involving and empowering young people for their active participation in the society. YAK strives to develop active community leaders, to promote youth engagement for sustainable economic development of the community and to inspire young people to be multipliers of the European values. YAK is run by young people for young people enabling a strong experience to all its stakeholders based on our values and principles: inclusiveness, democracy, solidarity, tolerance, understanding, support and cooperation. Hereby, YAK’s axes of priorities are: 

  • Increasing the contribution of the young people in the economic development of their local communities;
  • Active involvement of young people in decision-making processes at local, national and regional level;
  • Encouraging young people to fully participate in society by providing them new contacts, experiences and knowledge;
  • Contribution of young peoples in the Euro-Atlantic integration process of the SEE region.

The European Research Institute (ERI) – The European Research Institute (ERI)

The European Research Institute (ERI) is a non-profit organization that works to promote research and experimentation for innovation in scientific and social fields. Its main objective is to improve the living conditions of European citizens and promote respect for the environment, the territory, and the living beings.

The association is constantly looking for new tools for risk management, recovery, and protection of biodiversity, natural heritage, urban, peri-urban and rural spaces. In this regard, ERI developed previous experiences in preparing the population for natural disasters through the development of an early warning and coordination system. Moreover, ERI is an active actor in supporting and promoting youth through mobility and volunteering. Since 2015 ERI has developed a model to mobilize the young population in its activities related to environmental protection and disaster management, offering youth theoretical and practical knowledge on these important topics for the Italian and European citizens.

Young Africa (Namibia) Trust –

Young Africa (YA) is a confederation of local NGOs running self-reliant skills training centers for employability & entrepreneurship in Namibia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Botswana, and Zambia. The mission of YA Namibia is the development of underprivileged youth in an integral way. YA sets up training centers to empower and equip young people with the skills to build a life of dignity for themselves, their families, and impact their communities.

Until now, YA has educated over 35.000 vulnerable youth since its foundation in 1998, based on a strategy that involves a number of interrelated elements: vocational training, personal development and active citizenship, business skills and advocacy. In recent years, apart from high unemployment, Namibia has been hard hit by the droughts, requiring the need to restructure the YA programs in a way to provide sustainable answers and address issues on disaster management. In this line, YA Namibia programs involve the innovativeness and opportunities of ICT and encourage students and youngsters to offer solutions as result of the natural disasters and hazards in the country. Working with young underprivileged talents, YA is the one who wants to see change and be part of that change in the Namibian society, thus, actively supporting recovery operations by empowering youth on social innovations.

The Young Men’s Christian Association of Ethiopia –

The Young Men’s Christian Association, commonly known as the YMCA or simply the Y, is a worldwide organization based in Geneva, Switzerland, with more than 2 billion beneficiaries from 125 national associations. YMCA Ethiopia is a pioneer youth-focused development organization in Ethiopia established in 1951 with envision for empowering young people for the renaissance of Africa.

YMCA Ethiopia has nearly 20,000 volunteer and associate/registered members and over 40,000 young and adult participants directly benefit from education, health, and employment readiness and community services and programs. YMCA aspires to empower the youth through the holistic program for Youth leadership and civic engagement, with a mission on youth and community development through action on empowerment. Recurring droughts and floods have the most severe impact on Ethiopia’s population. In this line, YMCA works on the prevention of natural disasters and develops response and resilience programs to manage natural hazards including responding to the droughts, floods, and fires, where thousands of children and families received emergency food and other support at Tigraye and Amhara region.

Youth Employment and Society Development Social Enterprise (YESD) Vietnam –

Youth Employment and Society Development (YESD) is a social enterprise focusing on capacity for disadvantaged youth and local communities in remote areas. Their mission is: to increase employment for underprivileged youth by equipping them with necessary skills and competencies such as leadership, communication, managing, marketing, ICT skills, and other soft skills, to promote community development and resilience, to create a new generation of responsible tourism workers and increase the skills of indigenous people and preserve their knowledge and traditions.

Almost every year Vietnam is devastated by storms, floods, and typhoons that kill hundreds of people and cause millions of dollars of damage. In order to help young people from the affected and underdeveloped areas, YESD offers opportunities for local youngsters to volunteer and to engage more in non-formal educational activities and at the same time, aims on infrastructure support such as building of small schools, toilets or improve road conditions etc. building capacity for local people in Hill tribes etc.

2030 Prapta Nusa Organization (2030 Youth Force Indonesia) –

2030 Youth Force (YF) is a youth network in the Asia-pacific collectively working towards a quality life in 2030 #LeavingNoOneBehind, using SDGs 16 and 17 to raising awareness of 2030 agenda among youth. The organization is engaging youth and marginalized groups in a discussion of development matters, advocating the voice of youth for inclusive decision-making process, strengthening youth capacities on participation in decision-making process, and empowering youth to initiate actions to drive change. 2030 Youth Force Indonesia inspires youth to also promote the Sustainable Development Goals and initiate actions to drive positive changes towards an inclusive and peaceful society in Indonesia. For these reasons, the 2030 Youth Force was created by dynamic youth leaders from Indonesia to put in action youth to work into the realization of the SDGs and help young people to develop personally and professionally.

The organization also works in the field of disaster management and was directly engaged in the aftermaths of the 2018 catastrophic earthquake. It developed a program assistance scheme for capacity building of young people living in Palu, and help the rebuilding process of the affected area.